Kamis, 04 April 2013

Chicken pox and shingles

There are some people who know that chickenpox and shingles go hand in hand, but I’m not sure how pretty. There is a link between these two. It is essential that people know what that link is when you get older. So, here are the things you need to understand about the two.

Many people get chickenpox. This is caused by the virus herpes zoster. When people think of herpes that to flip out, but it’s not like the STD that many think. Many children get this. While it used to be fairly common and not vaccinated against it, so more and more people are now vaccinating against it. Children who do this can have a severe epidemic of it, but not in most cases. Most cases are mild enough. Those who are pregnant when they get this find themselves which can be very harmful. Actually this can do harm to an unborn baby.

Then, you have shingles. This is when the varicella actually resumes. This happens when they are older. Get this tremendous rash that remember when they had the disease. You could only get this on one side of the body. When they have this, they may experience some pain and tingling as well. Even when the rash goes away, they could have still the pain that came with it. The most important thing is that in reality this can spread to people who come into contact with. Must come into contact with the rash. For those who are not immune to chickenpox, could develop this. You will find that if you’re an adult and have had chickenpox, you’re more susceptible to shingles if you have a poor immune system.

The fact that there are many people who are spreading like wild fire shingles, it was in 2006 that they came out with the vaccination. Children get chickenpox was not so bad then. They thought that the virus was a matter of time. However, as has been done more research, they discover that this is not true. They can actually get this again. For some, this isn’t something I can tolerate. There are many adults who get shingles and cannot endure the pain that was the need for vaccination.

This is how the two go hand in hand. The thing is that many adults don’t realize how painful and harmful is to have shingles. They don’t realize that it can be contagious. Some might also know that it is so, but do not think twice. The goal is that if more and more people get vaccinated against shingles and chickenpox, can delete this so that it does not spread any more like wildfire. That’s what advanced medicine has helped us to recognize. There was something that we didn’t think that much of a problem has proven today to be something to warn people about.

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