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What is the PH balanced? Why is it important for an alkaline diet health

Every day, whether you realize or not your body is performing a balancing act. I know that Dr do their best when trying to explain to patients how to get healthier. The problem is all most of us feel is “exercise more and eat healthier. Well that is fine and dandy, but many of us that we are doing well and maybe we will tweak things here and there to get “healthier”. The biggest problem that I see as a health care worker is people really don’t begin to pay attention to what he says the doctor until it’s almost too late. A lot of people feel if they can’t see or won’t bother them and their way of life is not so bad.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is a fatal misconception. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve comforted a family member in the ICU and heard the words “all this happened so fast” or “were good until all this started”. In my head I think, their body getting in this way for a while. This just doesn’t happen overnight.

When I say that your body is performing a balancing act I mean. Every minute of every day your body uses all its resources to keep you from getting sick. While all bodily functions are important, one that often we do not think is our internal chemical balance. pH balance is the single most important function going on within each of our bodies.

What is the pH? By definition the pH stands for potential hydrogen. The body works very hard to keep your body blood pH between 7.35 -7.45. Anything below 7.35 is too acidic and anything besides 7.45 is considered too alkaline. While becoming too alkaline is a health concern is most easily remedied and not as terrible as your body becomes too acidic. As many of you know that the cause of all disease, is a body which is too acidic? If you’re outside of this small range at a given time that are very sick and probably on the way to the hospital, in an ICU or on the way to the morgue.

So, as your body perform this miraculous feat on a daily basis? The body will use buffer acid agents like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium to counteract the acidity in the body. That is why it is essential that you know what you put in your body! Did you know that eating certain types of foods your body needs to work very hard to counteract the acid? What if I told you that you are doing your body too hard when you eat things like white flours, processed animal protein, sugar, artificial sweeteners, pasta, cheese, milk, coffee and soda from crime worse than # 1.

In a proactive effort, my family and I have changed our lifestyle to include more foods alkaline based as alkaline water. Water is one of the most important substances you put in your body. Our bodies when healthy and fully functional are 70% water. All of our organs, cells and, above all, our blood needs water to keep our bodies running optimally.

In a busy world it isn’t always easy to eat right 100% of the time. That’s why the addition of alkaline water to your daily regimen can help ease your body to function optimally. How to see everyone needs water then why not make sure you drink the best water on the planet. I know that switching to a lifestyle more alkaline has greatly improved my health and my family’s health.

Michelle Cunningham is a dedicated healthcare professional who believes in the power of an active lifestyle to maintain good health. Is a national leader for Xooma Worldwide, a “Change of generation health”. Michelle has found a way of life through life alkaline, which has not only helped her family’s health, but others in his life. Return to follow Michelle to his website where you can get valuable information to help yourself and those you love.

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